WaterRower WaterGrinder Walnut

WaterRower WaterGrinder Walnut

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In sailing, it is the grinder’s task to transform wind into propulsion by hoisting the sails as quickly as possible. Grinders do the backbreaking work on board and are, unquestionably, high-performance athletes. Using maximum physical strength and stamina, grinders hoist the sails by cranking the winches. Sailors today do this by performing a classic rotating or grinding movement. Nohrd’s WaterGrinder now provides you with the chance to pursue this sport at home, without having to deny yourself the element of water. Achieve the fitness of a racing grinder in the process!

Made of solid Walnut wood, black steel support legs and poly carbonate water tank. Rotating glass touch screen monitor with multiple language selections.

Height: 47.25″
Length: 43″
Width: 31.5″
Weight: 110 lbs( empty ) : 154.25 lbs (w/ 5gal. water)
Glass touch screen monitor included

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